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September 2009 Newsletter

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Every September I feel more energized and excited about my business and the goals I've set for the fourth quarter and approaching new year.  Perhaps it's the "back to business" attitude we all feel after the summer and a few holidays have passed.  Or maybe it's the fact that my children are back in school and I have a few less distractions during my work day.  Or it could be the crisp fall weather that makes me enjoy all I'm doing.   Whatever the reason, I've got that spark again, and can't wait to share it with all of you. 


Sometimes that spark comes from within, and other times a trusted advisor or colleague can ignite it for us.  This month's experts offer us some helpful tips on when to bring in the experts to take our business to the next level.  The use of contract professionals seems to have caught on more than ever this year, as a way to reach new levels, create new lines of business or target markets, and keep costs under control.  My network includes contract virtual assistants, virtual general counsel, contract legal advisors and legal support professionals, contract CFO's, coaches, creative professionals and contract marketing consultants, just to name a few.  Delegating the things we aren't equipped to handle or are too busy to handle, can free us up to work in the areas of our business that bring us the most satisfaction and where we perform at our best.  


I'd love to hear your ideas and stories of how you utilize contract professionals or consultants for short term projects in your business.  If you haven't ever done so, let's talk.  Perhaps there's someone in my network who could be of help to you in growing your business, or managing tasks you'd rather not handle.   


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What Is Your Legal Resource?

A business owned and operated by Attorney Lori T. Williams, which serves as a resource for individuals and small businesses in need of legal advice or representation.  We connect the right client with the right professional in all areas of law throughout Metro Detroit.


We also provide consulting services

to solo and small firm attorneys, independent financial advisors, and CPA's on how to generate more business through effective branding/marketing, networking and creating strategic partnerships.   

In This Issue

Article 1: When to call a coach

Article 2: When to call a contract CFO


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"Lori Williams is a great connector

of people.  I have only known and worked with her for a couple of months, but she has introduced me to multiple professionals.  I don't pretend to know her process for

the people she decides to work

with, but everyone I have met with so far at her suggestion, has been

a caring, experienced professional

in their field.  I expect to develop multiple referral partners through her introductions, and also to improve my networking skills,

under her guidance." 

Jim Williams, CFP, CCPS, Jim Williams Financial  

"Lori is a networker and a natural connector. I have known Lori for years and have had the pleasure

of working with her on a variety of levels and am impressed each and every time. Lori is prompt with updates, extremely accountable

and very forward thinking. Lori

has come through for my friends and clients in need of legal advice by connecting them to the appropriate specialist with the expertise they needed. Lori is also mindful of what attorneys and

other professional service

providers need when it comes to marketing. While these professionals are skilled in their practice, they often do not have

the training, expertise, or time to market themselves effectively.

Lori has helped many of her consulting clients and other

contacts by identifying opportunities to enhance their marketing materials, and has recommended the right marketing specialist to provide logos, websites, videos, brochures or whatever else the client needed.

I've been grateful for the opportunity to work with various professionals within Lori's network on a project basis to assist with their marketing needs." 

Jason Ryan, Managing Member of Vision Fuel Media


When to Call a Coach 

By:  George Haralampopoulos

      If you had enough support to create the business and life that you desire and deserve, what would it look like?  Positive change can be achieved when we first begin to clarify our vision for our business and our life, define our purpose, and then develop a smart, flexible plan to attain them.
     Some people have the special ability to achieve positive, lasting change by themselves. They are able to quickly clarify their goals, overcome challenges, build viable businesses, and fulfill their dreams and aspirations.
     The rest of us - especially during difficult economic times of constant change - may benefit from a little bit of support from an outside source. A coach - a professional with a fresh, objective perspective - may help us accelerate both our business and personal growth, while saving us energy and valuable time.
     Among other benefits, coaching may be a valuable resource for business owners and service providers who are looking to:

     1. Create positive change, but feel "stuck"


     2. Overcome challenges and limiting beliefs


     3. Reinvent themselves and their businesses


     4.  Develop businesses that enable them to do more of what is most important in their personal lives

     If and when we are ready for the experience, the right coaching relationship can be a great foundation for accountability, validation, inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. We can achieve positive change, and get on the path to fulfilling our goals, dreams and aspirations one step, one goal, one mental shift, one milestone at a time. It's all within us. 

business advisor and clientGeorge Haralampopoulos supports professional service providers and independent professionals who are looking to quickly clarify and realize their business goals. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Economics and is a graduate of Coach University.  For more information please visit www.unconditionallysuccessful.com.




                                    When to Call a Contract CFO 

                                                 By:  Vince Callahan, MBA, B2BCFO 


      Are you suffering through a change? Your willingness to wear all the

hats, a necessity when you first started the business, is now a road block to

the growth of your company. The reality is that most entrepreneurs need to

bring in assistance and learn how to "manage the managers" before the

business can experience significant growth and improve profitability.


     A contract CFO can help propel you forward to your desired growth and

success.  For instance, most businesses will need higher-level

financial expertise, such as that given by an experienced Chief Financial

Officer. A contract CFO can be affordably retained for several days per

month, or just a few hours a week, to meet the company's needs and goals.

There are many services a contract CFO can perform, which will allow

the business owner to use his/her time more effectively.  Some common

contract CFO functions include:   
     1.     Preparing a meaningful financial plan which is designed to transition

the company from where it is today to where you want it to be in the next

2-5 years;

     2.      Interfacing with funding sources and explaining the use of funds



     3.      Providing understandable, timely, and accurate financial information

that help you to effectively manage your business.  Contract CFO's work

well with your CPA, who usually can't be on site at your business regularly;     

     4.      Developing a roadmap so you have what you need in place to meet

your business objectives;

     5.    Implementing safeguards designed to protect the company against  

      It is entirely reasonable to expect your business to accommodate your

financial needs and allow you to maintain a normal, balanced lifestyle, once

you have the proper plan and advisors in place.  If you want to increase

profits, take control of your business again, and put some fun back into

your business, consider a contract CFO.


Vince Callahan photoVince Callaghan has been developing financial systems and managing technology

personnel for over 20 years.  He has been a critical player in growing an

organization from a $75 million company into a $200 million organization;

while controlling costs and maintaining system integrity. Vince is comfortable

in the board room facilitating the strategic planning process and critical decision

making, as well as working with your financial institutions to establish better

banking relationships.  For more information, visit www.B2BCFO.com



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