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Recently the following question was posed: "Ever wonder why giver's gain?"

For those not familiar with that phrase, it comes from structured networking groups like BNI or LBN.  Referrals are the lifeblood of my business and I understand that you need to give them in order to get them.  I keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities to give back to my network of business professionals who send me business and referrals.  When I'm meeting with someone and they say I'd like to know someone in the XYZ industry, I make a personal introduction between those two people when it is mutually beneficial to do so.  I spend a few hours each week connecting people within my network who are in the target markets of one another.  The response I get back is typically gratitude for thinking of them and putting them together and then singing their praises after they've had a chance to meet one another.  That's a triple win for everyone involved!

Don't be afraid to give, in fact it could be the best thing you ever did.  At a minimum it will enhance your brand as a well connected caring person.  It will also eventually lead to more business, which is what you want, right?


So how do you take the occasional referral and turn into a "strategic partnership"?  That involves taking the relationship to the next level.  You might get lucky every once in awhile and get a referral from someone you just met, who you barely know.  But more often than not, you will get referrals from people you've started to build a relationship with.  You have come to know and trust once another over time.  Sometimes referral relationships are one sided because of where you are each positioned in the business cycle of that client.  For instance, when I was a divorce attorney I often received referrals from marriage counselors when their patients decided to get a divorce. If those same clients also needed other professionals such as CPA's, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, or realtors, I'd provide those introductions as well.  


A referral partner could be a one sided, infrequent occurrence between business professionals in the same (but non-competitive) or different industries with the same or different target market.  A strategic partnership usually has mutual benefit to both parties (either joint referrals or referral fees), is usually ongoing, and the parties involved serve the same target market in non-competing ways. While I'm not referring to a legal partnership where two or more business professionals or practices start operating under the same business entity, there is a shared mind set about business building efforts for one another and either referral sharing or referral fee sharing.

Look at your own network and determine your top 3-5 referral sources and see who you could form a strategic partnership with.  It will benefit each of you and your clients, and should lead to more business.  Be sure to check with your governing bodies to make sure you are operating properly within your industry.  (ie. Attorneys check with Professional Rules of Responsibility, Financial advisors check with compliance departments, CPA's check local and national accounting practices and procedures, etc.) 


All my best,



Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney

Your Legal Resource, PLLC 


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"Lori reminded me through her coaching and example that networking is an ongoing process and an activity needing attention and follow-up, regardless of the number of years one has been in their profession.  Thanks Lori. " Marsha Lynn Tuck, J.D.


"Lori continues to help me grow my business by connecting me with the right clients and/or service providers. She has an extensive network of professionals and is able to quickly and efficiently connect me and introduce me to the right people. Lori also provides valuable lunch and learn sessions to help professionals grow." Priya Marwah Doornbos, Member , PMD Legal, LLC  

"Lori and her company provide a unique service in the community. So often, people have a problem but do not know where to look. There are 35,000 attorneys alone in Michigan! Lori takes the task to heart and is superb at matching up the right people. You can count on her for enthusiasm, diligence and competence!" Kenneth Gross , Attorney , Thav Gross Steinway & Bennett PC


"Lori is always the first person I consider when I need to recommend client's to an attorney or other professional. She is thoughtful, sincere and very well connected. I have known Lori for some time and she is hardworking and dependable. She has excellent business sense and is always willing to go the "extra mile" for people."    Ellen Mahoney , Loss Mitigation Consultant , Loss Mitigation Consulting Services of Michigan, LLC    


"Lori knows networking like no one else. She gave me some great one-on-one tips for marketing my practice on a budget. I also attended one of her lunch seminars and found it to be packed with great advice and tools for improving and expanding my business." Todd Barron, Attorney



For more information, or a FREE 30 minute marketing assessment of your practice, please contact:


Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney

Your Legal Resource, PLLC
P.O. Box 1552
Birmingham, Michigan 48012-1552


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