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May 2009 Newsletter

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We've heard and read enough about the economy lately.  This month we turn our attention to lighter subjects which are also important to your overall well-being.  Our experts share tips for managing stress and  how to look and feel your best.


Summer days are just around the corner.  I know I'm looking forward to it after our long, hard winter this year.  I'd love to hear some of your favorite ways to unwind, relax, enjoy the sunshine.  Do you ever work outside, or take a break from the work day to go for a walk or read outside on your lunch hour?  What are your favorite summer time exercises or ways to stay fit?  Are these different than the rest of the year?  Name your top Stress relieving technique that works best for you.


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In This Issue

Article 1: Managing Stress!!!!

Article 2: Tips From A Trainer: How To Look And Feel Your Best!


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MANAGING stress!!!



 As seasoned business people, we have been taught how to develop, market, and succeed in business.  In that process we have developed a business plan and learned the importance of a five, ten, and twenty year plan.  While being targeted and focused is what makes for a successful business and a vibrant community, there are other important factors that are often overlooked. Consideration of your business wellness and personal wellness should go hand in hand.

Worrying about deadlines and your bottom line can cause stress.  Stress is a well-known trigger for anxiety and depression and can have a huge impact on your health.  But we cannot combat stress if we cannot identify it.  Symptoms to look for: muscle tension, headaches, poor concentration, sleep problems, increased irritability, indigestion, sensitivity to criticism, increased drinking/smoking, and change in appetite.


Setting goals for your personal wellness will help your business bottom line:


1.      Learn time-management techniques.

2.     Know your limits, expecting too much of your self is a recipe for disaster.


3.     Walk away from stressful situations.  Take a deep breath and regroup.

4.     Practice slow breathing using the lower part of the lungs and learn
other relaxation techniques.


5.     Accept offers of help...always!

6.     Tackle addictions to alcohol, smoking and other drugs.


7.     Seek out therapeutic massage, chiropractic, dietary, and psychotherapy approaches to wellness.

8.     Spend time with people who are rewarding rather than judgmental or critical.


9.     Let off steam though exercise, sports, hobbies or anything that makes your heart sing!
Remember, only you are in control of your destiny.  So take your dream and run!!!!

BJ photoBJ has worked and studied in the mental health field for the past 16 years, holds two social work degrees and has received many awards for her extensive volunteer work with families.  She has presented small business start-up seminars for several years prior to authoring her book "Solo Private Practice."  She has maintained a psychotherapy and life coaching practice in Royal Oak, Michigan for the past 6 years.  For more information, visit: www.empowerment-pro.net



Tips From A Trainer:
How To Look And Feel Your Best!


                                 By: Kim Smith,Kim Boudreau's Aerobic Fitness, Inc.

Bathing Suit season is just around the corner, are you ready?  Don't despair! Here's a few tips to get you in shape in no time!
1.  Ditch those smelly old walking/running shoes.  Invest in a fresh, new pair! If you are walking or running 10 miles each week, replace your shoes yearly. Buy a new pair every eight months if you're up to fifteen miles per week, every six months if you're at 20 miles per week, or every four months if you walk or run 30 miles each week.

2.  Toss those lightweight dumbbells, too. Use heavier weights.  Lift as much weight as you can for 12 reps. If you maintain control of the movement, you shouldn't feel pain - just the challenge.

3.  Stop sipping water throughout your workout. Instead, drink 4-6 ounces for every 15 minutes of exercise.

4.  Lose the idea that more is better. Focus on the quality of your workout, not length of time. Instead of walking for one hour, cut your workout time in half and work in two minute intervals - two minutes walking as fast as you can, then two minutes at your normal walking speed. Incorporate hills for the best workout.

A short, quality workout is much better than a long but ineffective session. After 30 minutes, you are no longer burning fat, but using other reserves such as muscle and bone.
Example of a cardio workout:

5-7 minute warm-up

30 minutes in your heart zone 

5-7 minute cool down

40-45 minutes is plenty. Are you short on time? A 20-minute session will work as well. Don't forget other avenues for working out: Weight/strength training, Pilates, or Yoga.

Here's to your good health and fitness!


Kim Boudreau-Smith is President and owner of KBAF, Inc., a fitness training company located in Birmingham. Kim has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years offering both one-on-one and group fitness training sessions. She is AFAA certified and trained to instruct mat Pilates using the Stott method. You can reach Kim @ 248-505-2075 for more information.



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