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Most people know when they need an attorney, and they might even know an attorney or two; but often they don't know how to find the right attorney for their situation. 


How would you find a lawyer to meet your needs? 


Do you search the internet? 




Call information?

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 Ask a friend?

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75% of Americans hire an attorney recommended by a family member.


65% of them are unhappy with the services that attorney provided.


Don't you deserve better Odds than that? 


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With 40,000  lawyers to choose from in Michigan, it can be time consuming and expensive trying to find the right legal specialist to handle your case. 

Lori Williams, a 20 year attorney, takes the guess work out of finding the right lawyer!


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Lori has put together a large network of lawyers she personally knows and has worked with over the past 20 years, who are located throughout Metro Detroit, and are ready to serve you.  Each lawyer has experience (10-30 years) in different areas of law, and will handle your legal issues promptly, professionally and affordably.  You'll receive a free referral to the right attorney for you, whether it be for personal legal services as an individual, or for your small business. 
Our specialists handle all the areas of law, including:
-Family Law (divorce/custody/support);


-Estate Planning (wills/trusts/powers of  attorney);

-Business Law (Set up a corporation or  LLC; protect intellectual property through patents, trademarks, copyrights; draft/review contracts or operating agreements or licensing agreements for your business);
-Personal Injury;


-Workers Compensation;



-Real Estate;




-Criminal matters;


-Employment Law, Etc.


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Metro Detroit's #1 referral service for ethical legal professionals in all specialties.







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What We Do:


Connect individuals and businesses with the right lawyer 

when they need legal advice/representation.  We also consult with attorneys, financial advisors, and cpa's on how to generate more business through effective networking and strategic partnerships.



We welcome any

introductions or

referrals you make to us.




"Wow are good!  The attorney you recommended seems like a perfect match for my client.   I am always amazed with your skill in making these connections!  Thanks again!"

 Jennifer Harvey


"I found Lori to be an exceptional resource for business owners and those seeking legal advice. Her vast network spans many industries including legal, financial, and general business consulting. She seems to know just who to recommend based on the individual's needs." Bill Pirtle, Pay Junction 



"Lori has been mentoring me as I start my own business. INITIATIVE is Lori's greatest strength. She sees where a person needs help or information before they know they need it. She takes ACTION and PROVIDES just the right amount of assistance so that a person feels EMPOWERED to move forward with a project. She truly has a GIFT!"  DeLynne O'Toole, Owner DeLynne's Mobile Car Cleaning










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