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I read an interesting post on LinkedIn recently, that made me pause and reflect.  It talked about the essence of real relationships with our clients.  Not the politically correct "relationship marketing" we are encouraged to do today, but REALLY knowing our client or customer and what they like and don't like.  (For the full article, click here.  For LinkedIn post, click here).
The post not only gave me a moment of reflection, but I commented back to the author (something I rarely do but am told I "should do" because it boosts my own visibility and credibility).  I applauded him for helping us get back to basics in creating real relationships with our clients. 
I think too often people mistake data bases for relationships. They think if they market to 5,000 people per month that they have 5,000 relationships. They may have met 5,000 people, but just meeting does not a relationship make. Yossi, the author of the article and LinkedIn post, reminds us of the "good old days" when a waitress might take your order by asking "if you want the usual,  Mr. Smith?"  I wish more people that we encounter knew us well enough to ask if we want "the usual", or actually had a clue about what we want, rather than what they want to try and sell us.
Professional service providers have always prided themselves on being relationship builders.  They often want, and many have, clients for their entire business career, rather than just for one transaction.  With the advent of technology, you can be in touch with your client within seconds of getting an email or a "tweet" on your blackberry.  Some people feel they can't live
without the ability to be in touch that quickly.  They want to provide that instant feedback, even if it is just to say, "I got your message and will pull up that information when I'm back at the office."  Clients want to know, and deserve to know that they've been heard and understood, and they want to be responded to in a timely manner and in a way that addresses (and preferably solves) their concerns.  We can drop the ball in that area if we don't have a good system for following up.  
Maybe we don't know what our client's favorite food is at their favorite restaurant, but we can know how soon they like to be called/emailed back, and what their favorite form of communication is, and whether they prefer to hear from us or a member of our staff.  We can and should be in regular communication with them and know what is going on with their business and/or families.  If we are their trusted legal or financial advisor or are handling their accounting, we probably know more about their confidential matters than just about anyone, but do we really know them?  I encourage all of us to "up the ante" and get to know our clients better, in a more meaningful way.  This is possible if you are in a relationship driven business, rather than a volume generating business, but even in the latter type of business you could choose to truly get to know the top 10-20% of your clients and really add value to them.        
I'd love to hear your ideas on how you are enhancing your client relationships.
Focusing more in this area will lead to more business, which is what you want, right?


All my best,



Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney

Your Legal Resource, PLLC 


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"Lori provided valuable consulting work to our firm. Her complimentary assessment was a huge value add in terms of how we wanted to strategically position ourselves. In addition to her assessment, she invited me to attend one of her information packed lunch and learn seminars where I met numerous professional contacts and learned about marketing and networking." Christopher Berry, Attorney, Witzke Berry PLLC 

"Lori is truly a wonderful connector of people. I have found her to be reliable, to have excellent legal network resources, and to provide first class follow-up. Her objective is always the same - provide legal connections and make certain that the people she is connecting are treated extraordinarily." Jeff Ivory, Wealth Management Strategist and Partner with Stonebridge Financial Partners, LLC 

"Lori provides valuable services for attorneys and other service professionals. Most service professionals are technical experts in their fields, but they never learned how to grow and market a business during their years of schooling. Lori is an expert when it comes to networking and forming strategic alliances--two skills that are absolutely necessary to build a successful business. Lori has introduced me to several other professionals who are a synergistic fit with my business. I look forward to developing business relationships with these professionals."  Sal Curcuru, Owner, Curcuru & Associates CPA PLC





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Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney

Your Legal Resource, PLLC
P.O. Box 1552
Birmingham, Michigan 48012-1552


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