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August 2007



LoriI hope you are enjoying a little down time this summer.  It's hard to believe there's only one month left!  What are you going to do to make this summer memorable and enjoyable?  


I've enjoyed our great weather which allowed for outdoor tennis, walks around town, fun in the sun at our local swim club, a family reunion in Iowa over the July 4th weekend, and this month I will be heading up North for some rest and relaxation.   


What's been your biggest challenge this summer?  Mine seems to be keeping my 13 and 9 year old sons occupied while running my business.  We've been to the library for books, and I'm limiting their use of electronics (though not enough in my opinion).  They've enjoyed the pool, family time, a few day camps, sports, and the much slower pace of summer.   Remember when we could sleep in, and even take naps?  They are really enjoying that!  Who would have thought that  such simple things like rest and relaxation and unplanned time could make this summer so easy and fun for them and me?  Who knew the secret lies in spontaneity, not schedules?  Don't get me wrong, I'm still highly scheduled, but I'm giving them the freedom to not be scheduled.  To just relax and enjoy the summer, and it seems to be adding to my ease and enjoyment as well. 


Wishing you a magnificant month as you make memories with your loved ones this summer!


All my best,



Lori T. Williams, Attorney and President

Your Legal Resource     



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Who do YOU call when you need an attorney?

 3 older people on benchDid you know that 75% of Americans hire an attorney recommended by a family member?  And that 65% of them are unhappy with the services that attorney provides?  


How can you improve your odds? 


One way is to use a legal referral service, such as Your Legal Resource, which pre-screens attorneys and matches their speciality, years of experience, personality and fee structure with the client's needs.   Attorney Lori Williams heads a team of over 50 independant and qualified attorneys located in separate offices throughtout Metro Detroit and she recommends one or more specialists who meets the needs of each of her clients.  Referrals continue to come in daily, as well as warm regards from satisfied clients expressing their satisfaction with the services of Lori and her team of attorneys. 


Knowing you need an attorney is one thing.  Finding the right attorney for your situation is something entirely different.


For a free consultation and a referral to an attorney personally selected for you or someone you know, call 248-594-4470.  For more information, visit our website at:  





What are some of your favorite reads this year? swc book image

 Here are a few of the books I've read


-Get Clients Now! CJ Hayden


-Parenting Teens With Love and Logic, Cline and Fay


-Contagious Joy, Clairmont, Graham, Johnson, etc.


Have purchased or received and plan to read next:


-The 4-Hour workweek, Ferriss (I'm almost finished. Lots of great tips on outsourcing most of the personal and business tasks in your life and freeing up time while creating more cashflow!)


-Positive Discipline for Teens, Nelson and Lott


-The Bootstrapper's Bible, Godin 



Please share any valuable books you recommend for business or personal growth.  We can feature more next issue.


Happy Reading!

In This Issue

Article 1: Who Do You Call When You Need An Attorney?

Article 2: When Should I Call An Attorney?

Article 3: What's Your Most Effective Way Of Generating More Business?


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Smart Women's Cafe coffe cup-Stay tuned for more details and a contest called Find Your Purpose-Find Your Passion, which will award lifestyle and business 'makeovers' to the winners, such as

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Contest details to be announced shortly, prizes to be awarded in January to contest winners. 


Good luck!

When Should I Call An Attorney?   couple on cell phone


Often life events trigger legal consequences.  Experiences like death of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy, marriage, birth of a new baby, a trip of a lifetime, first vacation away from the children, starting a new business, or the purchase or sale of a home all have legal implications.  Seeking the advice of a legal specialist to plan the outcomes of these events can save you substantial cost, time, and possibly heartache.  Often people don't get into action until after something unfortunate occurs in their life.  Being proactive can minimize or alleviate cost and negative outcomes.  Many attorneys will meet and discuss your situation at no charge, so why not get the advice and peace of mind? 


People don't plan to fail, but some fail to plan.  Be proactive and plan your life events so you can enjoy them, rather than react to them.   


For a free consultation and a referral to an attorney personally selected for you, call 248-594-4470.  For more information, visit our website at:     


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   What's Your Most Effective Way  Of

   Generating More Business?


The words "networking" and "referrals" are often used as the pat answer to this question.  While both are valid tools for generating business, one's success rate with these tools can vary greatly.  When was the last time you gave or received a referral?  What came of that last "networking" event you attended?   How much business did you generate from networking or referrals during the last six months?


Men and women network differently.  Even when women play golf, they network differently than men do.  One is not better than another, they are just different.  In either case, effective networking involves connecting with another person in a way that they learn to respect you and trust you.  This generally takes place over time, although we can rule certain people out right away and know we don't want to invest any more time getting to know them.  With the ones we do take time to get to know, eventually they will send business to us when the opportunity arises.


I  was once horrified to witness a florist at a large County-wide networking event, "dealing" out his business cards to everyone near a table, much like a dealer at a

Blackjack table.  How much business do you think he got from that event?  Probably none! How many new relationships do you think he made that night?  Networking isn't about giving your cards to as many people as you can.  It's about beginning and building relationships.  We don't refer to people we don't know, or people we don't like or trust.  Networking begins the relationship process.


Sometimes, relationships don't work and they need to end.  business meeting 3 peopleI think it is better to evaluate the quality of a relationship, rather than the number of referrals you get from that relationship.  I love this quote from author/speaker, Todd Duncan, "if the essence of a relationship is wrong, you spend 90% of your time on form." If the essence of a relationship is wrong, end the relationship!  Todd views doing business with someone like marrying them.  If you don't want to spend the rest of your life with this person, Todd advises you don't close the deal. That may seem pretty extreme at first, but it makes sense if you think about it. Don't we all want clients and referral partners for life?  In his book High Trust Selling, Todd teaches how you can spend less time, with fewer people,and make more money and be much happier than when you were running around trying to please everyone. Invest your time and energy with the right people and overall you'll be more successful. 


We can get caught up in the number of referrals, and lose sight of the objective of the referral.  If ultimately you are trying to serve another person well, you will give them a referral to a person of integrity who is experienced in handling the product or service needed.  Does it matter if that qualified individual has referred to you as often as you referred to them?  Not if your objective is truly serving the client.  Obviously if you have two equally qualified people to choose from, you may want to give a referral to the person who is providing referrals to you.  But don't be short-sighted and think, "I'm not

referring to you  because I've given you 5 referrals and you've only given me 2".  Look at the quality of the relationship and the quality of the referrals when evaluating if the relationship is working.


Also, be aware of the referral pipeline and realize sometimes certain professionals will see your client first and then be in a position to refer to you, while you may be in a position to refer to a different type of professional next.  When I ran a divorce practice for 14 years, I often received referrals from marriage counselors because many clients sought the advice of a marriage counselor before a divorce attorney.  The counselors weren't upset with me because I couldn't send them as many clients as they sent me, because they were in the referral pipeline before me.  Similarly, I didn't get upset with the mortgage brokers, realtors, cpa's and financial advisors who I referred the clients to, even if they couldn't send me as many referrals, because I was in the referral pipeline before them.  I didn't want my clients searching through the phone book trying to find a qualified professional during the most gut-wrenching time of their life, so I built this team of other professionals to service the client well.  We've all heard the expression "givers gain."  It's true.  Give a referral, and you may gain a friend, a referral partner

or even a client.  


I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you've found to be the most effective way to generate more business.  I plan to feature the top five answers in my next issue and devote an article to the #1 answer.  Maybe it will be yours!


Till next time,





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