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Lori T. Williams, Esq.





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Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney

Your Legal Resource, PLLC 

P.O. Box 1552

Birmingham, MI  48012-1552 



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Lori is a 20

year attorney

and owner of

Your Legal  

Resource, PLLC.  She connects the right client with

the right lawyer

in all areas of

law throughout

Metro Detroit. 


She also



service providers

start and grow

their practices

by effectively branding and marketing themselves, mastering networking,

and creating


strategic relationships

to generate

clients and


What's your story?  Does your business model reflect your purpose and passion? 

Does your target market understand the "essence" of your core purpose, and is that

reflected in your personal brand?
Most legal and financial professionals are not taught anything about these concepts

during their formal education, and may not have given them much thought throughout

their practice.  However, in the current economy it is critical to distinguish yourself from

your competition.  There is no better time to create or recreate your personal brand, so

that it truly reflects who you are and who you were meant to serve.
Law firms of all sizes, across the Country, are going through a period of restructuring.
Some partners from large firms have started their own boutique size law practice. There

may be a bit of an "identity crisis" for some lawyers who find themselves in a new

practice without an established "firm brand" to add to their credibility.  However, you

can create your own personal brand whether you are part of an established practice

or newly in your own practice. 
It is worth it, and absolutely necessary, to take the time to reflect on what you are

passionate about and who you want to serve within your practice.  In the long run, it will

simplify your marketing.  You will be more efficient with your time and marketing dollars. 

Most importantly, you will enjoy the work you do and who you do it with and for.  Michael

Port is the author of Book Yourself Solid.  He speaks to the professional service provider

and implores you to SERVE.  Not like a martyr, but as someone who truly has a gift and

willingly shares it with those who need your expertise.  Michael's book can help you

create your target market so that you attract your ideal client and only work with the people

you truly love serving.  Your work will invigorate you, not drain you, when you are fulfilling

your purpose and working with the right clients.
I know from personal experience how freeing it is to do what you are meant to do, and

not merely what you are good at.  I was successful as a divorce attorney and enjoyed my

practice and clients, but did not get up every morning excited to go end a marriage. 

Today, as Your Legal Resource, I truly love helping connect the right client with the right

lawyer and feel like the matchmaker that I was created to be, rather than the divorce

attorney that I was.  I also truly love helping my consulting clients (lawyers, financial

advisors and CPA's) to grow their practice by teaching them how to effectively network

and build strategic partnerships which generate more business.  This work energizes

me, whereas my work as a divorce attorney drained me.  I often reflect how a little bit

of me died with each divorce, but as a connector/legal matchmaker/legal resource I

get energized each time a make a connection or a difference for someone else.
I wish the same for you in your practice.  I'd love to hear your story of what you were

created to do and how you live that out in your professional life or volunteer work.   



All my best,



Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney

Your Legal Resource, PLLC 


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"I have known Lori the past six years, and have observed her transition from a practicing attorney, to a business owner and networking expert. She has developed a strong network of professional contacts, and fully understands the business of law.  It has been a distinct professional pleasure working with Lori. I would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in taking their law practice to the next level."

Timothy P. Flynn, Esq., Karlstrom Cooney, LLP



"Lori Williams is extremely knowledgeable of legal matters and provides great advice to help start, grow and enhance your practice.  Her knowledge of the practice of law, coupled with her knowledge of this business of law allows her to be a valuable resource. 
When I began practicing, I was introduced to Lori; after our meeting, she introduced me to numerous individuals that complemented my practice.  I continue to work with these business partners as my practice grows.  Lori's network of professionals is second to none.  If she cannot assist you, she knows someone who can.
Lori is an important asset for any size practice, at any stage of your career."

Marc D. Melamed, Esq., Kaufman, Payton & Chapa, P.C.






For more information, or a FREE 30 minute marketing assessment of your practice, please contact:


Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney

Your Legal Resource, PLLC
P.O. Box 1552
Birmingham, Michigan 48012-1552




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